Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My First 30 min run without Stopping!

So this morning my little gal had me up at 4ish and I was just laying there not being able to get to sleep. That was when I decided that I should just get up and go for my run. I am starting a program next week that requires me to run 30 minutes twice a week and one longer run on Friday. My goal this week is to try to run a similar program so that I am prepared next week. So Monday I ran 27 minutes, it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Then today I ran 30 minutes. It was slow going but I pushed on and ran the entire time without stopping. This is the first time since my daughter was born that I have been able to run for 30 min. When you think of the 9 months of being pregnant before she was born, that means it has been almost 2 years which is a little shocking. This was always been my "go to" running distance for evening runs before kids. Now I am not running as fast by any means. I am sure I am about 1km off what I use to run in 30 min, but that is fine. It will come with time. For now I am going to be happy that I am actually doing it. I am getting my feet under me and making progress. Anything is better then where I have been for the last 15 months since my daughter was born. Lets see how Friday goes!!!

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