Thursday, 2 February 2012

First 5 km run and the next two 30 min runs!!!

Well I did manage to get my 5 km run in last Friday. It was slow going but after 40 min I managed to finish. I was very happy to get it done. It was a little daunting knowing it was coming and knowing I hadn't done that long of a run in over 2 years. It went really well. So I had the weekend off and some much needed sleep and was ready for my 30 min run on Monday and Wednesday. So now I am faced with another long run on Friday. That is tomorrow. I am hoping it goes well. I struggled a little on Wednesday so we will see. I made myself a new playlist. I my jeans are fitting a little lose so that is motivating.

All and all I am officially started on the program and very happy about it. I think it is about time and I am feeling better everyday. I have been using a food journal but it is spotty so I am mostly trying to watch what I eat.

I will let you know how my long run goes tomorrow. Wish me luck:)

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