Thursday, 2 February 2012

First 5 km run and the next two 30 min runs!!!

Well I did manage to get my 5 km run in last Friday. It was slow going but after 40 min I managed to finish. I was very happy to get it done. It was a little daunting knowing it was coming and knowing I hadn't done that long of a run in over 2 years. It went really well. So I had the weekend off and some much needed sleep and was ready for my 30 min run on Monday and Wednesday. So now I am faced with another long run on Friday. That is tomorrow. I am hoping it goes well. I struggled a little on Wednesday so we will see. I made myself a new playlist. I my jeans are fitting a little lose so that is motivating.

All and all I am officially started on the program and very happy about it. I think it is about time and I am feeling better everyday. I have been using a food journal but it is spotty so I am mostly trying to watch what I eat.

I will let you know how my long run goes tomorrow. Wish me luck:)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My First 30 min run without Stopping!

So this morning my little gal had me up at 4ish and I was just laying there not being able to get to sleep. That was when I decided that I should just get up and go for my run. I am starting a program next week that requires me to run 30 minutes twice a week and one longer run on Friday. My goal this week is to try to run a similar program so that I am prepared next week. So Monday I ran 27 minutes, it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Then today I ran 30 minutes. It was slow going but I pushed on and ran the entire time without stopping. This is the first time since my daughter was born that I have been able to run for 30 min. When you think of the 9 months of being pregnant before she was born, that means it has been almost 2 years which is a little shocking. This was always been my "go to" running distance for evening runs before kids. Now I am not running as fast by any means. I am sure I am about 1km off what I use to run in 30 min, but that is fine. It will come with time. For now I am going to be happy that I am actually doing it. I am getting my feet under me and making progress. Anything is better then where I have been for the last 15 months since my daughter was born. Lets see how Friday goes!!!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Starting a new week with new attitude and new resolve!!!!

The past week has been crazy cold.... -48 with windchill!!! So there were a few hiccups this week with cars that didn't start, trucks that wouldn't move but I did manage to get out once for a 3km run. It was a good run, I need more of them.... But I just couldn't make it work this week.

The excuses are done, I just have to get out more. The thing is that I love it when I am out. I am happier for the entire day if I do get out. So I just have to do it. It is that simple, one foot in front of the other and just go. 

So I know I have said this before but I am saying again. This week I am running every other day, starting on Monday. I will be doing sit ups and light weights in the off days. I have to get my butt in gear for this run and I have to start now or I am going to miss my deadline. So join me in my new resolve this week and get out to the gym even if you are super tired. 

Good Luck

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Finally Getting Sleep

So after putting my foot down about breast feeding my gal at night, I finally feel like I am on the road to recovery. It was a hard weekend for sleep because she wasn't on board with the "New Plan" but I figure I need to change things so we can all get some sleep.

So it seems to have worked. After one night of a not so happy gal, she has gone from waking me up 4 times a night to only having a little peep at 4am and then going back to sleep until 6:30. I don't think my hubby and I have had this much sleep in a long time. It was lovely:)

So he got up and took her downstairs and I went out in the very cold -35 weather to run. It was fantastic. I managed to run for 15 laps again, that is 3km. I told myself that I would get to 5km by the end of the month.

That is going to really push me to get there but even if I can do it once by the end of the month I will be happy and I would have reached my goal. So now that I am getting sleep (hoping this lasts) I have no more excuses. I just have to do it. Just put on put in front of the other. I am all out of excuses, it is time to put myself on the schedule and lose this baby weight:) Wish me luck!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Another Sleepless Night

I feel like I am just re-writing this post. I mean I can't remember having 7 hours of sleep in over 3 years. Last night my gal was at it again, this time with her teeth. Poor little thing was in pain and after some meds, and some baby oragel, she finally went to sleep. This started at 2 am and went until 4 am. By the time I got her to sleep I was wide awake. I just laid in bed frustrated. By 5:30 am I rolled over and told my hubby that I was heading out for a run. As you can see I haven't made it out this week,it just hasn't happened. It was almost empty at the gym which was wonderful. I love having the track to myself. So I started out slow and steady and managed to get a few laps in. I started to wake up and feel better. I managed to run 15 laps. That is the longest run I have done in a long time. I know it still isn't much but it was big for me and my tired butt. It adds up to 3 km. I told myself I would get 5 km under my belt before the end of the January. It seems pretty hard with my breathing and my red face but I want to tackle that this month. Hopefully I can survive today with no sleep and two muchkins pulling at my leg. It might be a slow day but I am happy I know that I got that workout in. Nothing like a day feeling disappointed that I didn't get one of my goals met. I have also been tracking my eating with the Old Weight Watchers plan. It is going well. I have had to stop myself lots so at least I am not eating all those extra calories:) Anyway one day at a time. When I have a bad day I just hope to do better the next day:)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Taking Charge!

Ok I am feeling pretty down because of my lack of running and my lack of sleep. So I am taking charge. I find when I pay attention to what I eat I am shocked at how many little nibbles that add up. Taking care of the two little one all day means it is easy to snack all day. So I am starting a food journal again. I did this a few months ago and it worked really well. It kept me on track. I think that my weight loss was as much to do with that as it is to do with getting moving. So I am going to start today. I know that day is half over but if it helps me not eat the night treat then it is worth it. I use the Old Weight Watchers as a guide to help me. This blog is a source to get started. If you go to the bottom of this link in the comments section you will see a link to a food diary log. I found this very helpful. It even has places to mark down how much water you have had. Something I have to really track if I want even close to 8 glasses. So while I can't control my sleep, tired, exhausted state, I might as well control my eating. So join me on the meal tracking! It helps me to see it written down:)

No running so far this week:(

Well Monday was a total bust. Up all night with my little man that was having nightmares and the little miss up at her normal 4am, by the time the morning rolled around I was dead to the world. So I thought tomorrow would be better. No such luck this morning. I started my period this morning and the last thing I feel like doing it running. I feel more like crawling into a ball and going back to sleep. With two kids looking for entertainment all day that is not an option. So my hubby let me stay in bed as long as I could, topped up with meds I am ready to face the day. I am getting bummed about my lack of running. Will try again tomorrow.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Run Run Run

Well last night was not much better for sleep. My gal was up at 12:30, 3:30, and 5:00. The shocking thing was that I was able to get to sleep on the first two occasions. At 5 it wasn't working out so around 5:30 I decided I might as well get out for my run. What the heck I was up already. So I dragged my butt out and off I went. My run was slow and steady. Right now I am just trying to get my lungs and legs use to running. I managed to run 10 laps without stopping. That is about 2 km. I walked before and after so all and all it was a good start. Slow and steady is my approach. When you think I have to run 22 km in May 2k seems pretty small but if I go to hard at the start it will be too discouraging. Anyway, it was good to push through the tired, blurry eyes and get out. Only got out for two runs this week, we will see if we can get out on the weekend once and hope for better next week.