Thursday, 12 January 2012

Another Sleepless Night

I feel like I am just re-writing this post. I mean I can't remember having 7 hours of sleep in over 3 years. Last night my gal was at it again, this time with her teeth. Poor little thing was in pain and after some meds, and some baby oragel, she finally went to sleep. This started at 2 am and went until 4 am. By the time I got her to sleep I was wide awake. I just laid in bed frustrated. By 5:30 am I rolled over and told my hubby that I was heading out for a run. As you can see I haven't made it out this week,it just hasn't happened. It was almost empty at the gym which was wonderful. I love having the track to myself. So I started out slow and steady and managed to get a few laps in. I started to wake up and feel better. I managed to run 15 laps. That is the longest run I have done in a long time. I know it still isn't much but it was big for me and my tired butt. It adds up to 3 km. I told myself I would get 5 km under my belt before the end of the January. It seems pretty hard with my breathing and my red face but I want to tackle that this month. Hopefully I can survive today with no sleep and two muchkins pulling at my leg. It might be a slow day but I am happy I know that I got that workout in. Nothing like a day feeling disappointed that I didn't get one of my goals met. I have also been tracking my eating with the Old Weight Watchers plan. It is going well. I have had to stop myself lots so at least I am not eating all those extra calories:) Anyway one day at a time. When I have a bad day I just hope to do better the next day:)

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