Thursday, 5 January 2012

No run this morning...... Just blurry eyes

Well it was suppose to be my running day this morning and last night went all wrong. My little guy decided about 11:30 to wake up in come in our room. After about 5 attempts to get him back in his own bed we gave in. I think he had a nightmare and he look so small and scared that having him snuggle beside me was fine. That translates to no sleep for me! My little guy is a wiggler, and after getting kicked in the head about 3 times I dragged myself to his twin bed. Now I haven't slept in a twin bed for about 20 years so I find it very uncomfortable. After tossing and turning I finally got to sleep, just in time for my little gal to scream for some late night attention. After checking on her, returning to the uncomfortable twin bed, having her wake up again.... repeat, repeat repeat.... I was a blurry eyed mess this morning. My two men were in better shape in the morning although my husband had some battle wounds from the wiggler.... Needless to say the  last thing I could do was run, let alone function. So that is my day, try to keep up with the kids, try to stay awake, and try to keep my house from falling apart. I am hoping to do a run tonight or get on my bike at home. We will see how it goes, most days like this I am drooling by the end of the day and running is the last thing I can do.  Very frustrating, but I hope to see salvage my goals once the kids are asleep.

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