Sunday, 1 January 2012

Getting Started

While 2011 was a big year. Second baby, move, new town, new home and no time for running and taking care of myself. But as 2012 rolls in I am ready to start taking time for myself and start back to what I love and that is running. Before my babies came into this world I liked to run. In fact I loved to run, I would join the odd race but I was more interested in getting out there on the trial and having the freedom of the trail under my feet. But with two kids to take care of that don't like to sleep I was finding myself always tired and it just got bumped to the back of the to do list. But with my little one 14 months old now I am ready to get back into shape and be a happier healthy mom. So here is my journey. I want to run, get fit and finally fit into my before baby jeans. So my goal is to run in the Ottawa Half Marathon in May. It is far away but for me with the two kids I am hoping that I can get some miles under my belt while keeping up with my two little ones. So I hope you will join me in this fun (hopefully) trip to health

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