Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Taking Charge!

Ok I am feeling pretty down because of my lack of running and my lack of sleep. So I am taking charge. I find when I pay attention to what I eat I am shocked at how many little nibbles that add up. Taking care of the two little one all day means it is easy to snack all day. So I am starting a food journal again. I did this a few months ago and it worked really well. It kept me on track. I think that my weight loss was as much to do with that as it is to do with getting moving. So I am going to start today. I know that day is half over but if it helps me not eat the night treat then it is worth it. I use the Old Weight Watchers as a guide to help me. This blog is a source to get started. If you go to the bottom of this link in the comments section you will see a link to a food diary log. I found this very helpful. It even has places to mark down how much water you have had. Something I have to really track if I want even close to 8 glasses. So while I can't control my sleep, tired, exhausted state, I might as well control my eating. So join me on the meal tracking! It helps me to see it written down:)


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